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DEXA Body Composition Scan

patient getting a dexa body composition scan

Introducing the Lunar iDXA Body Scan

iDXA Body Composition Scan at Upper Echelon

The iDXA Body Scan (also known as a DEXA scan) is an imaging device that provides an accurate breakdown of your body’s composition including your bone mineral density, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. These measurements are helpful for fitness enthusiasts who are working on body re-composition, adults at risk of osteoporosis (bone loss), or those who are at risk of developing a fracture. The machine works by using a very low dose of X-rays that is absorbed differently by the soft tissue and bone in your body and is quick and painless in its operation.

What the Lunar iDXA Body Scan tells you:

Body Composition

The results of an iDXA scan will show your entire body composition. This encompasses your:

  • Overall Muscle Mass
  • Overall Fat Mass
  • Overall Bone Mass
  • A breakdown of the Muscle vs. Fat Mass percentage in your torso, arms, and legs
  • Overall Bone Mineral Density
dexa scan image result

Who’s this for?

The iDXA scan is beneficial for everyone, but is particularly useful for individuals who are focused on fitness and body re-composition. It can pinpoint your muscle gain and fat loss precisely and provide feedback on which diet and exercises are effective for your specific body. It also provides data that allows you to work on muscle symmetry for each region of your body, and assesses your skeletal strength which is crucial for preventing injury.

Bone Mineral Density

computer screen showing dexa scan results

Bone density is an important measurement for adults who are at risk of osteoporosis, a condition that most commonly affects women after menopause, or other diseases that cause bone loss.

With the iDXA scan, your physician will be track your bone mineral density, see if your bone density responds to treatment, and assess your risk of developing osteoporotic fractures.

computer screen showing dexa scan results

Who’s this for?

An iDXA scan to examine bone density is important for post-menopausal women who are at higher risk of osteoporosis. It is also recommended for adults who:

  • Have a family history of fractures
  • Have conditions associated with bone loss such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease (CKD) or liver disease
  • Use medication known to cause bone loss (such as prednisone or anti-seizure medication)
  • Have a thyroid condition

What does the iDXA Scan process look like?


Make an Appointment

Schedule a date and time to get your scan done --appointments are approximately 30 minutes long. We recommend patients to wear form fitting clothes to their appointment.


iDXA Scan Procedure

Patients will lie flat on the scanning bed for approximately 5 minutes while the scan is taken. The entire procedure is painless and quick.


Result Analysis

After the scan, your results will be printed out and your physician will discuss them with you.